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GPS Origins Test

Paternity Testing Centres of Canada introduces GPS Origins testing. The GPS ancestry origins test can help pinpoint the exact location and migration from relatives passed. Our laboratory tests more than 80,000 unique genetic markers. Cross-checking that information across dozens of gene pools and more than 1,000 reference populations, we use DNA to create a detailed report about where a family's DNA originated and how each unique DNA signature migrated over time.

This can help answer questions about a family’s history and sheds light on the origins of certain family traits. Even help narrow down paternity roots for a missing, or unknown father for paternity. This new ancestral tracking technique pinpoints genetic genealogy with bio-geographical targeting capability to the town, city, or village your relatives derived from.

This test will identify when and where your specific DNA was formed by matching the populations that came together to create a genetic line. It traces the migration route of both maternal and paternal lineages, showing the last 3 locations in the world where a DNA signature underwent significant changes. It provides detailed stories helping to explain DNA mixture events such as wars, famines, and migrations.

Results Include
  • Maps of the top three ancestral origins (the gene pools or ancestral communities that contributed to significant portions of the genetic makeup) along with the percentages of DNA inherited from each.
  • Gives a comprehensive gene-pool profile with DNA percentages that goes well beyond basic ethnicity tests.
  • Shows a detailed map illustrating maternal and paternal migration journeys with descriptions on how an ancestors' circumstances may have changed as they crossed territories and continents to find better lives.

Who should use the GPS Origins Test?

GPS origins test should be used for people and clients not able to find a living link that they are in search of, to find out where exactly those roots may lead. This new test capabilities far exceeds expectations.

Client Example 1:
We recently had a client who could not locate or prove to her family the paternity of her child as the father was not involved. With this in-depth GPS origins test, we were able to show the exact location of the paternal father’s family origin and routes linked to south east Asia. This had given the client enough proof to take this to the family in question and request additional legal paternity testing for her child.
We could show the client the child in question’s DNA route - which proved the alleged South East Asian alleged father, could potentially be the father based on his parents gene pool, pinpointing it to their city and country of origin.

Client Example 2:
Angela: I recently did the GPS origins test on myself. I know exactly where my parents and grandparents came from. I was a little cynical as to what this test would show. However, to my shock it was able to show me that my paternal grandfather originated from the Orkney Islands which indeed he was from Scotland, and that another was of Greek routes in Greece, which was that of my paternal grandmother. A third route took me to my mother's side and showed me her Icelandic/polish side near Krakow. I knew it was extremely accurate.

I now with confidence can recommend this test to anyone who does not know where their relatives, specifically speaking parents and grandparents, come from. Thank you Paternity Testing Centers.

GPS Origins Test

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